Connecting with people takes skill. Talk to people not at them.
Connecting with people verbally and in writing is important is business and social settings. President Barack Obama is a master communicator – he is considered one of the greatest communicators in the history of United States Presidents.  His style of communication makes you feel apart of the conversation, and you feel like he is talking directly to you, whether you agree or disagree with his message. 
People don’t want to be talked At, they want to be talked To.  For example, if I said, “Johnny, go to the store,” that is talking At; but if I said, “Johnny, would you go to the store?” that is talking To him.  When you allow a person to respond, you are communicating and connecting.  Talking to a person includes their input, and allows an exchange in the conversation. I prefer talking to people, that way I can get better and more productive results.  You may not realize that you are talking at someone. 

Here are some signals that you are talking At someone:
1.  You don’t remember the response.
2.  You did not ask a question.
3.  The person you are talking with doesn’t open up. 
4.  You are not getting any response from the audience.
You can change your behavior from ineffective to effective by changing the way you to talk To others.  There are some key strategies you can use to be a more effective communicator:
1.  Ask a question politely in a kind voice (not forceful).
2.  Listen for their response.
3.  Repeat their response back to them.
4.  Reply with descriptive words or gestures.  
Remember the three main things in communication:   Words, Voice Tone and Body Language, from, www.wordsthatshooktheworld.com.  If these three are used effectively, you can be a great communicator.

How will you improve the way you communicate?

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